Member FAQ
August 17, 2021

How to change you address
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Why do members receive a T4A from Prairie North Co-op?
T4A's are mailed out in February of each year to members who received a member refund in excess of $100 in June of the preceding year. Please keep your address current.
Prairie North Co-op is required by CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) to report all member refunds paid in excess of $100.00 and to withhold 15% of the amount earned over $100.00 and remit it to the government. The T4A reflects the member refund made to you in the previous year. Member Refunds are not necessarily taxable. Member Refunds earned on consumer goods (i.e. groceries, household items, gasoline for private car use) are not subject to tax. You are entitled to claim the tax withheld as outlined on your T4A as a credit when you file your personal income tax (write on the face of your T4A "Consumer Goods Only").
Note: The amount indicated in Box 30 of your T4A is the total patronage allocation amount for the tax year. This number is the total allocation of cash and equity, not the amount of your general cash repayment cheque.

Why is SIN required for membership?
Your SIN # is required under the Income Tax Act for tax reporting purposes and in order to issue a T4A slip. Prairie North Co-operative Association Limited is required by law to have this number on file and does not violate the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). The number provided will not be used for any other purpose. In the event your equity allocation is over $100.00 and purchases are made for personal use only, your SIN # will assist you with the ability to collect the withholding tax held by Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) when filing your annual personal income taxes. Not only will you be able to benefit from Saskatoon Co-op’s equity/cash back program you can also collect further funds from CRA.