2023 Fuel Good Day - September 19
September 18, 2023

FUEL UP AND FEEL GOOD: Annual Fuel Good Day is tomorrow

Melfort, SK (for immediate release) – Tomorrow is FUEL GOOD DAY at all Prairie North Co-op gas bars, and across the Co-op Retailing System (CRS). “Each year on Fuel Good Day we are given an opportunity to work together with our members and customers for the benefit of our community,” says Terry Tremblay, General Manager, Prairie North Co-op. “It is something that we look forward to and it is something that the businesses in each of the communities in which we do business really get behind. Fuel Good Day has a process, from the request for applicants, to arriving at a decision, to planning the bbq’s and activities on the day, a lot goes into it but for a very good cause. Fuel Good Day is a shining example of how small actions can have big impacts.”

“This year we are extremely proud to announce that on September 19th, 10 cents from every litre of fuel sold at the pumps at Prairie North Co-op gas bars in Archerwill, Kelvington, Melfort, Naicam, Spalding and St. Brieux will be split between local volunteer fire departments,” Tremblay explains. “Volunteers are at the heart of every community and volunteer fire departments serve a very important role. Donating to these groups this year is just one way that we, as Co-op, can recognize their efforts and say thanks.”

In addition to the fuel sales donation, a $1 donation for every Co-operative Coffee or Big Cool purchase made that day and proceeds from the BBQs in those communities will be added to the total donation.

In 2017, Fuel Good Day was launched. During this one-day event, Co-op donates a minimum of five cents from every litre of fuel sold at participating Co-op gas bars to a local charity or non-profit organization. Fuel Good Day takes place in September at more than 400 CO-OP® gas bars throughout British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and northwestern Ontario. In the six years that it has been running, Co-op’s Fuel Good Day has raised more than $3.65 million for over 800 local organizations and was nominated for the Philanthropic Leadership Award from the Retail Council of Canada. Over the last six years Prairie North Co-op has donated almost $60,000 to local charities through the Federated Co-op Limited Fuel Good Day program.

For more information, or to arrange an interview, please contact:
Terri Larsen, Marketing and Communications Manager
Prairie North Co-op
C: 306.527.4792 | E: Terri.larsen@prairienorth.crs | W: www.prairienorthco-op.crs


Prairie North Co-op operates out of 21 locations – from St. Brieux, Spalding and Naicam in the west; to Melfort and Brooksby in the north; and Archerwill and Kelvington in the east. We serve our members with products and services that help build, feed, fuel and grow the communities in which we live and do business.

We take pride in our community involvement and our commitment to providing quality products and services. Prairie North Co-op employs 296 and serves 12,795 members. We continue the tradition of giving back, not only in patronage refunds to our members, but also through financial support to several local organizations. In 2022, sponsorship and donations totalled almost $154,463 to 223 different organizations in our trading area. Locally invested. Community-minded. Lifetime membership benefits. We are Co-op.