COVID-19 Update
November 18, 2020

To Our Valued Co-op Customers, Members and Team Members

With the Government of Saskatchewan’s announcement yesterday, not only were wearing non-medical masks in all indoor public spaces in Saskatchewan mandated as of Thursday, but several other recommendations were made to prevent the spread of COVID-19:

Indoor Public Space
• The province also recommends wearing masks whenever you are outside your home. You can find a list of what qualifies as an indoor public space on:

Know Your Bubble Size
• Starting Thursday, the maximum gathering size in-home or other buildings located on private property will decrease to five people, down from 10.
• If your immediate family includes five or more people, the government said you cannot have additional visitors.
• The province is also discouraging gatherings of any size beyond your immediate household.

Best Defense
COVID-19 is everywhere in Saskatchewan. It is the responsibility of every person to strictly adhere to all public health orders and measures, including:
• Keep 2 metres away from others when in public and wear a mask.
• Have only one person per household do the shopping and limit unnecessary trips to public places.
• Limit gatherings and ensure gathering sizes do not exceed public health orders.
• Wash your hands often with soap and water or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
• Do not touch your eyes, nose, mouth or mask with unwashed hands.
• Stay home if you are unwell; seek health care services when you help.
• Regularly monitor your health for any COVID-19 symptoms.

• We have increased the tap limit for purchases. NOTE: some financial institutions have yet to increase the limit, if you are unable to tap for more than $100, please contact your financial institution.
• We have added an online ordering option for all of our Food Stores and we offer free delivery and curbside pick-up.
• Due to the potential health risks involved, we will not be accepting returns until further notice; that being said, every effort will be made to address customer concerns.

Since the onset of the pandemic, our front-line team members have done an amazing job and I would like to personally thank each one of them. They are the real superheroes in our retail locations. Please show your appreciation for their efforts by being patient and courteous.

Terry Tremblay,
General Manager Prairie North Co-op