Prairie North Co-op Partners with Loop Resources
July 30, 2021

The average Canadian generates about 79kg of food waste per year. Prairie North Co-op along with other Co-ops throughout the CRS have partnered with Loop Resources to do their part to reduce food waste. Loop Resources provide simple systems with safe liability structures that enable food wholesalers, retailers, and producers to divert one hundred percent of their unsaleable food away from landfill, and towards those in their community who can use it best.

The Loop Program helps divert Prairie North’s unsaleable food while reducing staff time and saving disposal costs. Food is first diverted to humanitarian organizations, then to animal feed, fuel, or composting material. The food that is reusable for human consumption is sent to food banks and other charities. Loop Resources works with food safety teams to ensure that all food-safety concerns and requirements are met.

Secondly, the food is sent to farmers and producers to feed to their animals. Some producers have said their meat has an even better taste and quality because of the participation in the program.

Thirdly, items that cannot be fed to animals is turned into fuel/ Bionergy such as Bio-diesel products, cellulose to electricity, and alternative solid fuel products.

Lastly any un-used waste is then used for compost materials. Loop also encouraged farmers in their program to create a compost pile/pit for all their own use. The Loop program creates a sustainable way to help local communities and businesses, it is a win-win for everyone involved!

At Prairie North Co-op we pride ourselves in reducing our environmental footprint, having hundreds of products grown, produced, and manufactured in Saskatchewan, and supporting local communities. To see more of how Prairie North Co-op invests in the community click here. 

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