Ranked #51 in Saskatchewan's Top 100 Business Listing
March 3, 2021

"I am really pleased with the ranking that came out this week," says Terry Tremblay, General Manager of Prairie North Co-op, "if there was ever a time that our values – Service, Integrity, Unity – have been our guide, it has been this past year. I was thinking the other day that if we were to invent a board game called Let’s Play Retail 2020, with challenges like lock down, and new ways of doing business (stock shortages, enhanced cleaning protocols, physical barriers, social distancing, online orders, online payments, curbside pickup . . .), and half way through the game, we change the rules (limit customers, wear masks, wear three layer masks, make customers wear masks . . .), let’s face it, no one would buy it because it would be too complicated and people would say that it was too hard to win! But we are winning, and it is because we have stepped up in the face of adversity. We have met the challenges of 2020 by living our values and that we moved up in the ranking of Saskatchewan's Top 100 businesses is proof of that. I am so incredibly grateful for the efforts of our team and I am so thankful for our members and customers." In 2019 Prairie North Co-op was ranked #55. In 2020, the organization moved up 4 spots, to #51.

Every year, SaskBusiness Magazine releases its official list of the Top 100 Companies in Saskatchewan. First published in 1984, the Top 100 List is a tribute to the province’s leading companies. Based on total sales revenue, participants of the Top 100 represent the most prominent businesses in Saskatchewan.